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MarNIS - Maritime Navigation and Information Services

MarNIS is an Integrated Research Project in the 6th Frame Work Programme, bringing, together 44 partners and 12 sub partners, to develop Maritime Navigation and Information Services on a pan � European basis.

The Consortium comprises a wide spectrum of experienced partners and subcontractors who will endeavour to find innovative global and European solutions for operations and activities performed and experienced daily in the maritime sector.

The main goals of MarNIS is to accommodate main elements in the European Transport Policy 2010 � �Time to Decide�, and specified objectives further developed in the Sustainable Surface Transport Work Programme 2002 � 2006. It is in this relation one of the challenges to turn the vision of �One Stop Shopping� into reality on a pan - European and global basis. The development of a mandatory systematic use of modern localisation and communication systems will be key elements in this process. The role of sea transport in an intermodal transport chain will be focused throughout the project.



Sea dogs: in search of captain’s best friend

For those of us who grew up watching on TV the heroic adventures of Lassie and the power of Vagabundo, a good dog deserves our total admiration. Fellowship, fun, loyalty, protection, and generosity – all come together so the dog is a pet that is not only ideal to have at home but also on board, as part of the crew of your boat. However, finding the best dog to browse can become quite difficult.

The ideal mascot should learn quickly, have the desire to please, be good to the family as well as quiet and ready. You should also like the water, swim well and have a hair that holds up well to get wet often without smothering or soaking everything. You should avoid very large dogs, Energetic or unpredictable and prefer a small or medium sized dog with a docile (but not shy) temperament and quite intelligent. It may seem like a list of competitions too ambitious but the truth is that there are quite a few choices almost made to measure.


The Labrador Retriever is a very common and safe choice for a pet on board. He enjoys spending time with family and is very good with children. His reputation is one of loyalty and constancy and he is very fond of water, which is not surprising since its original function was to collect the sea fishing nets on the coasts of Canada (Newfoundland). The Labrador is very intelligent and has almost unmatched ability to be trained. Its size is reasonable (25 to 34 kg) which allied to its unique pedigree in terms of loyalty and obedience makes it the first choice.

Portuguese Black Water Dog on board boat

Portuguese Water Dog: Famous for being the mascot of President Obama’s family, this breed fits very well to life on board. (Photo: Sailboat Kennel Nagual)


Originally, the Portuguese Water Dog was created to help the fisherman in his daily activities and even direct the fish to the nets. He is a playful companion with an abundant coat and waterproof to which he loves the water. In addition, he is very good with children, friendly to other dogs and easy to train. It is often seen with a slightly strange haircut in which the back is cut to facilitate swimming and the front is woolly to give thermal protection – but this is optional. Its size (16-25 kg), good health and characteristics that adapt well to the nautical means makes it a serious opponent.

Swimming Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel: Small, family friendly and easy to train, the Cockers love the water.


If you are looking for a docile dog that does not have many problems and that enjoys the affection of the family, the Cocker Spaniel is among the best options. Being a small hunting dog, it is launched into the water to ‘play’ with the birds. They usually tend to inherit a genetic disease so it is advisable to inquire well about the lineage, but the Cocker has a suitably small size (11 to 15 kg), adapts well to the cold, is a water enthusiast and also very easy to to train.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever brown

Chesapeake Bay Retriever: A lesser known – and perhaps more interesting – relative of the Labrador Retriever.


The Chesapeake Bay Retriever was originally bred to collect waterfowl and is a good choice for a captain in search of a real sea dog. He is a noble hunting dog with great physical dexterity. He may be stubborn, but he will adapt to any nautical adventure he poses and reward him with loyalty and obedience. It is basically a Labrador Retriever but physically stronger, psychologically more interesting and socially more exclusive. What more do you want?

Standard Poodle Black on Board Boat

Standard Poodle: Needs grooming and also exists in miniature version – a comic haircut is optional


I know what you’re thinking, but try to look beyond the cheeky haircut and find a perfect dog for water lovers. Known for its intelligence, sympathy and passion for swimming, the Miniature version is ideal for small boats but if you have enough space, the Standard or Normal Poodle, which barks much less, is a better option. It is an excellent breed, calm, reliable, obedient and made for water. Only size, ridiculous haircut and grooming can cause rejection.

Cantabrian dog on board fishing

Cantabrian dog, one more sailor. Photo: Marieta Lainz.


Born to sail, they have traditionally lived on the fishing boats of the Cantabrian coast, intelligent, hardworking, hardworking and excellent swimmers, they have a resistant and impermeable coat. In fishing and merchants they worked to collaborate Onboard, kept boats clean of rats, were able to bring ropes and moorings to land or other ships, and even carry messages from boat to boat.

They love water and are excellent divers. Their character is friendly and they are also excellent companion dogs.


The crossing of the breeds described above has produced some hybrids very fashionable and if we rely on genetics, the result should give us very good dogs to have on board. The Labradoodle (Labrador and Poodle) and Cockerpoo are two of the favorites and although they are robust, loyal and water enthusiastic, they need to be trained from small to give their best.

For those with fairly large boats (15 meters or more) it is difficult to find a better dog than Newfoundland. With very dense fur, great physical strength and webbed feet developed specifically for swimming, they are used worldwide for water rescue. It is true that they often weigh as much as an adult man, but in addition to their unrivaled passion for water and their ability to save shipwrecked, they are fantastic with children. His patience, tranquility and stoicism are unlimited.

Those who have smaller, open boats can try out the Terrier dogs. If they manage to make them behave, or they do not bark and do not bite their ankles, any Terrier is well equipped for life on board. A Jack Russel or a Border Terrier are some of the favorites among sailors and if you put a life jacket with a handle on the back, it has the added advantage of being able to carry it around like a furry bag, which is very funny.

If the dogs described above are not enthusiastic, and if you give English well, have a look at Dog Breed Index. It has a tool to select pets that allows you to enter the features you are looking for and keep a pre-selection that fits your lifestyle. It is very easy to use and the best comes later: you can equip your dog with an array of nautical accessories, from life jackets to special stairs for dogs, lights and even transponders adapted to the necklace. Great …

Principles of Maritime diet


Numerous festivals and icy winter led to what many of us overweight spring meet.Now only the beginning of March, so there is still time to cool off before the actual heat.

In this article we tell you  of the marine diet which became popular with the introduction of the famous American actress Melanie Griffith. Due to the principle of foods in this diet was able to lose weight and become a seductive beauty. For a couple of months, while in the marine diet, the actress managed to get rid of without much stress from twelve pounds.

marine diet is, you guessed it, seafood. It is known that fish and other seafood are rich in protein, which is essential for proper metabolism, blood. Also, a necessary condition for the metabolism of vitamins D and A, nutrients such as phosphorus and iodine protein.

Many pyshechki found guilty of a set of pounds extra bread. But this diet are allowed to eat hundred grams per day. Refusing full of bread is not worth it, because it is a valuable source of carbohydrates, vegetable protein, calcium, potassium, B vitamins, iron and magnesium. One thing you should do to replace high-calorie bread based on wheat flour in products based on wheat flour and always with the addition of bran.

We offer  menu marine diet .

Diet offers four meals during the day and just before going to bed a cup of yogurt satisfy their hunger is allowed.

Therefore,  breakfast Allows eat half a grapefruit or orange. Dissolve sugar corn flakes skim milk. You can also have a cup of coffee and two slices of bread.

 For lunch  it can be prepared salad, which is the main dish accompaniment proposed by the other diet products. For the salad you will need to take no more than one hundred grams of lettuce, onion and tomato half. All chop, mix together.You can add a salad, black pepper, a little vegetable oil and juice of lemon.

Eat for lunch permitted fifty grams of hot green peas, toast, baked potatoes half hundred grams of crab meat. For dessert – a glass of orange juice.

 During the afternoon  you can eat any fruit: apple, banana, grapes, kiwi, orange.

 During dinner,  you must have a hundred grams of fried cauliflower. Main dish – chicken fillet of sea bass and fifty grams of canned sardines. In conclusion – tea ?? lemon and bread.

Okay, this diet is hardly “starvation”. The only thing that may annoy – the same foods and products.


In the Maritime Museum in Barcelona is a nice café-restaurant is in the area known as Lonja de San Cristobal, a renovated place and which also has an outdoor terrace. At noon you can choose from a menu or one of the dishes like best espresso machines. This restaurant is part of Norai Project , a cultural project and social responsibility of the Consortium Reials i Drassanes Barcelona Maritime Museum around maritime gastronomy. That makes it an even more interesting space.

The Garden of MMB, is certainly a refreshing, spacious, there are some trees and a fountain with some tables around. There you will find a replica of a Submarine Command Bridge Mural where Sayremar and take some pictures. That is, a site that pleases both large and small.




The Museum offers individuals, companies and entities some of its spaces for conferences, receptions, dinners, exhibitions, fashion shows or conventions. Including garden, an ideal location for pre-holding events in the Marqués de Comillas Hall and the Assembly Hall snacks.


The Café is a great place to go with the kids and make a snack after going to one of the many exhibitions or activities that are in the museum, also will like the drawings of fish and whales that decorate the atmosphere.


With a high ceiling, this large space facilitates the mobility of disabled and mothers with strollers will not have difficulty getting in and find a place to stay.

One of the things I liked most was the entrance wall, all glass. From inside you can have breakfast or lunch with views of the garden. There is even a huge sofa that incites you to have a good time on it, let the time fly by reading a book, studying or working. A large table to share or group to meet in full the environment.

For more information about the exhibitions and activities of the Museum, enters your page . Be sure to visit.

The best cleaning company and Services

The sofa cleaning company that offers the highest quality11

We are experts in sofa cleaners London and upholstery in homes, since 1983 we have gained experience in cleaning all kinds of sofas, we can offer a service with unmatched quality, when we clean the couch at home, not only remove dirt and stains, mites and bacteria also through the combination of our exclusive professional products that do not damage tissues, we assure you that your stay impeccable and regain sofa colors and original appearance.

To make the cleaning of the sofa evaluate the conditions in which the sofa is, as wear, type of tissue, thus we can use the most suitable products and effective to avoid damaging the fabric of the sofa, our professional care of the smallest details, we want to note the difference in  cleaning the sofa .

All sofas have different tissues, so in cleaning king treat each sofa unique way, for example incleaning leather  not enough clean leather must moisturize to prevent skin CUARTE sometimes repair insofar cracks can be produced by the passage of time.

Over time the sofa accumulates in the dust inside and mites to  clean the sofa  all these mites and dust is removed this is very beneficial for people who have allergies, although some models you canwash the sofa cushions  this is not is recommended because we can spoil the sofa, for example to remove them from your foam or filling is possible that we can not get them again as they deform or catch forms other problems is with respect to the colors if we wash machine can discolor our cleaning saves all these problems and also ensures that they are clean.

Cleaning is conducted at home in the most efficient way for the same day can use the sofas, we assure you will not find better company that offers quality and price we offer when it comes to clean your sofa.


Home work throughout the province:

We move where you need it11

Vigo, Pontevedra, Agolada, Arbo, Avion, Baiona, Barro, Bueu, Caldasde Reis, Cambados, Campo Lameiro, Cangas Cañiza, Catoira, Cerdedo, Cotobade, Covelo, Crecente, Cuntis, Dozón,

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What causes a cigarette butt that is thrown on the beach

  • About five trillion butts end up in the marine environment annually, pouring metal contaminants that can enter the food chain
What causes a cigarette butt that is thrown on the beach

Cigarettes (José María Alguersuari)

In Spain some 89 billion cigarettes smoked per day, representing 32,455 million filters discarded annually, according to a report by the National Committee for Smoking Prevention (NPTC). And we wonder … How many of these end up on the floor? The truth is that no figures verify it but if we know that cigarette butts are left in the soil can be washed away by rain into the rivers, reaching the coast. In addition we must not forget the amount of cigarette butts in the sea just for the simple fact that have been lying on the beach.

Cigarette butts are often concentrated on the floor at the entrances of office buildings

Cigarette butts are often concentrated on the floor at the entrances of office buildings (Luis Tato)

Cigarette butts are the most common form of garbage found in the marine environment, with an estimated 5 billion thrown into the environment around the world every year . I these may emit arsenic or nickel in water.

The metals on an investigation of the Center for Research in Marine Biotechnology Persian Gulf University of Medical Sciences, Bushehr (Iran), and published in the journal Tobacco Control, included cadmium (Cd), iron (Fe), arsenic (As ) nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) and manganese (Mn), all cigarette butts discarded.

To do the study, the authors monitored the levels of metals in cigarette butts in nine different locations along the northern part of the Persian Gulf in the coastal areas of Bushehr seaport during the summer of 2015.

According to researchers, the metal content of glass water pipe may vary by cultivation process or may also be added during manufacture of the cigarette or by applying polishing agents in the wrapper paper.

The cigarette filters, which are made of cellulose acetate, other plastics can act as a conduit for transporting providing metals in marine environments, the authors suggest. They also note that the response of plant and animal life to the metal content is very variable.

In nature, these minerals are essential for life. However, an artificial increase in their usual amounts could be harmful for oceanic species. In some cases, researchers believe that the result would be an increase in their levels of “tolerance to metals” but also warn that, in many other organisms, the high concentration of heavy metals in water can be terribly harmful.

Given the estimated scattered cigarette butts per year (4.95 billion) amount, release of metals from cigarette butts scattered on the marine environment can increase the potential for acute injury with respect to local species and enter in the food chain.

Prohibit smoking on the beach

Four years ago the town of Sant Feliu de Guixols (Girona) banned smoking in some areas of its beaches. That pilot curdled and since then has increased the coastal area without smoke.

This year the initiative has been put into practice at regional level in Galicia. Galician beaches Smokeless network already has 22 sandbanks of 17 municipalities of Pontevedra, Lugo and Corunna, the three coastal provinces. They are famous beaches listed in tourist brochures as Area Grande in La Guardia, Perbes Miño or Rabadorira in Ribadeo and other lesser known but have great influx as Lapamán in Bueu.

The initiative does not have a punitive character, so that no special surveillance or smokers will be sanctioned. The initiative has an informative character to promote healthy lifestyles, and respect for the environment.

Import cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products


 Perfumes and cosmetics to import currently required to submit a  declaration of responsibility  which replaces the previous license, required until recently.

In TIBA we can provide support for the preparation and presentation of this documentation that allows you to start business with no waiting, and provide  storage enabled cosmetic products  and advice from specialized technicians.

We also have specialized personnel to perform the  safety assessment   of perfume or cosmetic if this is the first time that will be marketed in the European Union and can make on behalf mandatory procedures before the  European Portal Cosmetics  before perfume or cosmetic is sold.

We offer solutions for  imported cosmetics , perfumes and personal care products intended for personal hygiene and care and promotion of the beauty of the body: perfumes, creams, lift x composição, lotions hydration products beauty treatment, makeup, nail, tinctures, products tattoos and  medical devices .

The procedures required to obtain authorization to import and market cosmetic products in Spain are different depending on whether the product is manufactured within the European Union or outside it.

According to Law 10/2013, cosmetic products as defined:

Any substance or preparation intended to be placed in contact with the various external parts of the human body (epidermis, the capital system and hair, nails, lips and external genital organs) or with the teeth and oral mucosa, with the exclusive or principal cleaning them , perfuming them , changing their appearance and / or correcting body odors and / or protecting them or keeping them in good condition “.

Tariff headings cosmetics

Here you have at your disposal a table with the corresponding tariff headings of cosmetic products for the purposes of that can, depending on the origin of the goods, meet the tariff payable on imports at this through the tax office with your digital signature certificate .

Perfumes and colognes 3303
creams 3304
Dentificos 3306
Makeup 3304
tooth whiteners 3306
Dyes and Lacquers 3305
Bronzing 3304
deodorants 3307
respirators 3304
Moisturizers 3304
soaps 3401


personal care products as defined:

Substance or mixtures, regardless of the legal consideration of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics or biocides, are intended to be applied to the skin, teeth or mucous membranes of the human body for the purpose of hygiene or aesthetics, or to neutralize or remove ectoparasites .

tariff items of personal care products

Here are tariff items of personal care products for purposes that can, depending on the origin of the goods, meet the tariff payable on imports at this through the tax office with your digital signature certificate.

dental gum Depending on the product
tattoo inks 3215
Sport massage 3808
Permanent makeup 3215
transdermal patches 3808
cleansing and refreshing towelettes 4818
Floss 3306
Vaseline 2712
insecticides 3808

Diving in Mauritius


The attractive sites are spread all around Mauritius, almost exclusively behind the coral reef. The lagoon is not very interesting for divers, except the marine parks of Blue Bay and Balaclava. It is quite low in animal life due to the damage caused by fishing (formerly dynamite!), Pollution and tourism. the island can be divided into 3 main areas: the southwest (Morne to Flic en Flac) North West (Bay of Islands to North Tomb) and the East (Belle Mare Mahébourg). The southern part of the island is not suitable for diving due to a dangerous sea.

. .

Destination dives Indian Ocean:


Discover the fabulous underwater world


The rent villa mauritius , as well as many other tourist destinations, whether sporting or dedicated to idleness, is one of the preferred destinations for avid divers, fans of underwater discoveries.

The reason is simple: the remaining biodiversity in the lagoons of the island and its surroundings is exceptional, to discover numerous species including beautiful coral, fish, crustaceans and whose colors and behaviors that are as varied strange!

Feel free to discover the coral garden, located off the small seaside town of Peyrebere, to observe searobins, or will photograph the famous lion fish, beautiful angel fish Emperor or the flute.

Also typical Mauritian waters: the stone-fish, stealthy and difficult to detect, known for their ability to camouflage, as well as Java moray south of the island, towards Mahebourg or Blue-Bay, it is possible to fondle despite their large size.

Impossible to summarize, the species are so varied in Mauritius it is best to let you read our various descriptions, summaries, articles and comments before you to enjoy real paradise waters of Mauritius.

In these few pages dedicated to diving in Mauritius and the most suitable hotels in the practice of this sport increasingly widespread across the globe, you will have the opportunity to discover species, sites and all features of your future diving.


The sea has been a leitmotif of infinite stories, and we have seen many of them through novels and film adaptations. During the month of February we will see some of them in our cycle “Mares film” thanks to the collaboration with the online store Movie25 .

The classics have prominence through titles like “Mutiny on the Bounty” ,“wind in the sails” , “The black swan” , “Pirate of the Seven Seas” or “What apair of sea” . Many of them will make us relive stories of pirates, sail the Caribbean and visit destinations like Jamaica or Tahiti.

Please check our calendar of events of February to find out what days you can see them on our Forum traveler .

Marlon Brando-Annex--Mutiny-on-the-Bounty_01-1024x779

“Mutiny on the Bounty” , had 7 Oscar nominations but did not win any since that year the big winner was “Lawrence of Arabia”, even with the spectacular performance of Marlon Brando. As compensation Brando knew which would be his third wife, tarita teriipaia, with whom he had two children.

Wind in velascolor2

“Wind in the sails” is an adaptation of the novel “Hurricane in Jamaica” with which we will sail alongside the children of Thornton. What was to be a trip to England to seek a better future, it is truncated when the ship is attacked by pirates and Captain Chavez (Anthony Quinn) suddenly finds these unexpected passengers.


“The black swan” , another adaptation, in this case the novel of the same name Rafael Sabatini, author of several titles inspired by adventures that take place in the sea. The film, progranizada by Tyrone Power and Maureen O’Hara beautiful, was nominated for three Oscars and won the photography.

Pirate of the Seven Seas

The famous Barbarossa has one of its cinematic moments in “Pirate of the Seven Seas” a low – budget film in which will have to fight against the Spaniards in the Caribbean Sea.

The Cutthroat Island

But the pirates also still present in more recent titles like “The Cutthroat Island”, a blockbuster recorded at several locations in Malta and Phi Phi islands in Thailand. The high costs they incurred in filming complicated the viability of the film starring Geena Davis and plays Morgan Adams, the daughter of a pirate captain.

Sailor Beware

And as the sea gives more of himself than for film pirates, here an example of this with Dean Martin and the legendary Jerry Lewis. “What a pair of sailors”are the adventures and misadventures of a couple of sailors who lose their heads each once they see a skirt. It was one of the highest grossing films in 1952.


To celebrate the opening of a cinema in Britain navigator, we offer the best sea-related tapes
It’s time to pack your popcorn with your life jacket, as the first maritime navigator film will open on the Isle of Wight in Britain, on Friday.

As part of the celebrations of the Cowes Week regatta, and for one night, a giant screen 10 meters has been built to show the great maritime movie: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the word.

The boats will dock in front of the esplanade in the small town of Cowes and sailors local radio tuned to listen to Russell Crowe play the burly but charismatic Captain Jack Aubrey.

The program MainSail CNN released by Movie4k have compiled a list of the 10 greatest films of sailors, perfect subjects for a night on the sea. If you couldn’t have chance to go to the cinema, you still can watch all these movies on projectfreetv for free.


(Steven Spielberg, 1975)

So so so so … … you know the rest. With these two musical notes, fear struck in the hearts of millions when Jaws was released with a huge hit in the summer of 1975. The plot revolves around the police chief Martin Brody (Roy Schneider) and his search for a great white shark maneater causing death and chaos in the small island community of Amity.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

(Gore Verbinski, 2003)

¿ Who can resist Johnny Depp in a pirate costume ? Especially when you are playing the fan rum, free – spirited, a little extravagant and crazy Captain Jack Sparrow. With his mannerism inspired by the guitarist of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, teams with an innocent blacksmith named Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) in order to save the girl from Turner, Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) and save the Sparrow true love: his ship Black Pearl.

The African Queen

(John Huston, 1951)

Put Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn together and insurance will be fireworks. In the film set in Africa during World War II, Bogart plays drinker gin and captain Charlie Allnut, who is convinced by Rose Sayer (Hepburn), a Methodist missionary strict, to attack an enemy warship with his boat the African queen . Adapted from the novel of the same name 1935 CS Forester, the action takes place in rivers rather than at sea, but it is a classic movie and won Bogart his only Oscar Award.

Deep water

(Louise Osmond and Jerry Rothwell, 2006)

A documentary that explores the fateful journey of amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst in his bid to win the race Sunday Times Golden Globe 1969, a circumnavigation of the globe solo, nonstop.Despite a slow start, Crowhurst Rebounds even surpassing record distances and is seen as the sure winner. Actually, he is weeks away from its stated position, facing bankruptcy and disgrace, when the truth is discovered.

The perfect Storm

(Wolfgang Petersen, 2000)

The Perfect Storm follows the perilous journey of the fishing boat swordfish Andrea Gail and its crew, trapped in a killer storm in the North Atlantic in October 1991. Starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, the film is loosely based on the book non – fiction of the same name; although the novel was criticized for factual errors after publication. The stunning special effects and high voltage drama make it an exciting movie.

Moby Dick

(John Huston, 1956)

In the film adaptation of the epic novel by Herman Melville, the same name, the story is narrated by the sole survivor of a whaler lost, Ishmael, and retells the story of the infamous and self-destructive Captain Ahab, played by Gregory Peck, and his obsession with the great white whale Moby Dick.

Open sea

(Chris Kentis, 2003)

Sales to the surface after a dive trip on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, only to find that the tour boat in which you were traveling left you there, has left and you’ve been stranded in shark -infested waters. That is the plot of open sea , a horror film loosely based on the true story of an American couple who accidentally was left on a diving trip in 1998 and was never seen again.

Mutiny on board

(Roger Donaldson, 1984)

Based on the true story of the mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty in 1789. The cruelty of Captain Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) and his desire to reach your destination at any cost cause display adrift in a small boat along with their faithful followers. While the mutiny leader Fletcher Christian (Mel Gibson) tries to escape revenge and his men hide Royal Navy, Bligh tries desperately to reach land before he and his men perish.

The great race

(Mark Monroe, 2008)

A documentary that follows the lives of 15 young sailors as they train for the 2007 Transpacific Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu. After six months of intensive training and being pitted against experimental professionals, the crew of Morning Light , ages 18 and 23, are ready for the race of 2.225 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean unpredictable. But how it will fare?

Finding Nemo

(Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, 2003)

One for children … and let’s face it, for adults as well. A clownfish overprotective named Marlin (voice in English is Albert Brooks), accompanied by a surgeon fish named Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) finds friendship and adventure as he tries to find his son Nemo (Alexander Gould), who has been kidnapped by a diver. With relaxed sea turtles, sharks and some crazy vegetarians and cute seagulls, what might not like this movie?

What are your favorite marine movies? Leave a comment below.

Dentist in Seine – Maritime

If you are looking for an affordable dentist in Seine – Maritime , try talking to several clinics and get different price quotes. If you do it correctly, you may be able to get the price of your services at a much lower rate, how much does a root canal cost for example. There is no shortage of cheap dentist in Seine -Maritime that offer the same quality of service, but at a much cheaper price. The cost does not always define quality and should not be your only factor in selecting a dental clinic. You can find good quality dentist in Seine – Maritime , as long as you take your time. If you have a family, you may want to find a dentist that offers excellent family rates for all teeth related services. In the clinics listed here before, you’ll be able to find a dentist for you and your family. When you need emergency dental care, there are several dentists in Dentistry in Seine – Maritime who offer immediate visits and dental work. Be sure to tell the representative to talk to you that are in need of immediate attention. There are plenty of affordable dentist in Seine – Maritime , but only because they are in your budget range, does not mean you should select them without any previous issue. It is always a good idea to make sure you feel comfortable with them, in addition to see if they have good reviews from other patients. When it comes to selecting a good Dentist in Seine – Maritime , make sure the clinic agrees to work with your current insurance provider. You can usually find this information by simply talking to customer service at the reception.

The magical effect of cataract submarine in Mauritius

The magical effect of cataract submarine in Mauritius

Incredible aerial shots show for the first time a “submarine” waterfall somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

The “underwater vortex” that appears in photos from the Indian Ocean, located in the coastal region of Mauritius.

Of course the photo published by the Mauritius Apartment Magazine it is a mirage, because it is purely visual, but it is still impressive! This download you can see on Google Maps!

Mauritius became independent in 1968 and as the Republic of Mauritius recognized since 1992.

The importance of maritime transport in international trade industry

The shipping industry and also the Online bookkeeping services sydney are the most importance aspects for the modern trading. It has great influence on issues of social and economic development, so also it is generating source of jobs, as millions of people in the world work in activities directly or indirectly related to the oceans and seas.

One of the fundamental aspects for the economy of modern societies is related to transportation costs. We could say that they are the backbone of the intercontinental trade for the carriage in bulk of raw materials and import and export of food and manufactured goods.

In recent times, the number of vessels has increased enormously, both in international markets and the maritime trade of short distance, with recent records that show that worldwide there are millions of professionals who are actively involved in the international trade.

The growing demand for freight transport and achieve a greater reduction of times of the mailing date of the charge, has led to an increase in the involvement of normative and technical aspects related to the safety of the shipping industry.

Doing a bit of history, the navigation has been not only the principal form of transport but also a communication link for the connection of coastal cities, countries and continents. However, the sea has always been considered as a dangerous and difficult environment for the work. In the modern world, the shipping was one of the first industries to implement international safety standards to minimize accidents.

Maritime international treaties have existed since the 19th century, establishing, for example, common procedures of navigation to prevent collisions at sea. Currently, under the responsibility of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and completely renovated, the treaties remain the main international instrument concerning maritime safety, covering areas such as design of ships, construction and equipment, subdivision and stability, fire protection, communications by radio, safety in navigation, cargo transport, security management and maritime protection.

The world is increasingly accepted the competence of IMO in resolving many of the complex conflict situations generated by national regulations in the world trade. The level of ratification and the implementation of IMO conventions are very high compared with international standards adopted in the land-based industries. Around the world are accepted in the IMO conventions, such as the International Convention for the safety of life at sea (or solo which stands for the English name of the Convention: “Safety of Life At Sea”), which is the most important of all the international treaties on the safety of vessels, and the International Convention for the prevention of pollution by ships or MARPOL they are just a few examples of the tools that are provided to stop foreign vessels in the ports if they do not conform to international standards.

The intervention of the IMO has managed to significantly increase the level of security of maritime transport and its environmental performance industry. Although those responsible for national and regional politicians sometimes question the international regime of regulation of the Organization, it has secured agreement on the complex technical requirements efficiently. All sectors that make up the infrastructure of global transportation, maritime transport has probably the lowest public profile and however, affects each of our lives in what you consume daily.

In terms of its relationship with the environment, in comparison with the trucking industry, maritime transport is one taxpayer much less pollution. Despite a massive increase in global maritime trade, data from several studies show that there has been a substantial reduction of marine pollution in the past 20 years, particularly with regard to the amount of oil spilled into the sea.

As we have mentioned on other occasions, maritime transport is economical and environmentally the most efficient way to transport goods. Today around 90% of world trade is carried by the international maritime industry. This industry is only responsible for 12% of the total pollution generated by different human economic activities.

The true dimensions of the activities of the global shipping industry provide enormous potential for achieving sustainable development in the world through the promotion of prosperity through trade.

Digital Solutions acquire Marine Jeppesen Marine Division

Digital Marine Solutions today announced it has signed a purchase agreement to acquire the marine division of Jeppesen, subject to regulatory approval by the authorities.

Under the terms of the contract, the former Jeppesen Marine Division will operate as a separate with their own unique resources and will trade under the trademark C-MAP branded entity. Jeppesen will remain part of The Boeing Company.

Digital Marine Solutions is owned by Altor Fund 2003, which is part of the family of Altor private equity funds, Nordic origin. This strategic acquisition leverages Altor experience in the marine industry, which is also majority owner of the house Navico brands in the marine sector. Digital Marine Solutions ensure that Navico and other third – party electronics manufacturers continue to have access to the portfolio of products C-MAP for both the recreational marine sector and the commercial. Over time Digital Marine Solutions will develop the capabilities and sales of C-MAP by offering better cards, digital content and services.

“Jeppesen Marine division is one of the major players in the electronic navigation and value – added services for recreational and commercial marine industry , ” said Leif Ottosson of  , future president of the acquiring company. “We look forward to working with the team Jeppesen Marine Division to create innovations and continue working with existing customers of the division to make your business digital and grow even more.”

“This is good news for the industry of marine electronics for the Navy personnel division of Jeppesen and their customers as they continue to offer products and services of high quality C-MAP, which maintain diversity in the market , “said James Detar , director of Light marine portfolio in Jeppesen marine division.

“We believe that with the vision and values of Digital Marine Solutions can improve our portfolio and provide better service to our customers , ” said Egil Aarstad , director of Solutions trips Jeppesen Marine Division.

Subject to regulatory approval by the authorities, it is expected that the transaction is completed by the end of the second quarter of 2016.

The Seven Exercises Marines

marines_sieteIf you want to be fit as the Marines, start the day with these exercises the Cize workout review.

Marines US Army are famous for undergoing hard physical training as a sergeant with cap shouting insults them in the ear. Marines train every day, with stretching, running and long walks with the whole team. But also they make a daily routine called “daily seven”. If you want to train like them you have to do three sets of 15 repetitions of each of these exercises:

  • Jumping jacks : jumps alternating legs apart and arms above his head standing posture with arms close to the body
  • Cherry pickers : open your legs and bend down to touch the floor with your hands three times, each time farther back. Ponte upright and repeat.
  • Bend and thrust : consist of start standing, squatting, put your hands on the floor and jump to stretch the legs to be horizontal. Recover step by step starting position.
  • Mountain climbers : climbers are an exercise in which you put your hands on the floor to do push – ups, but you end up legs alternately until they are in your arms.
  • Trunk twists : turns trunk with hands on hips. First you bend forward, left and right in a big circle with the trunk.
  • Marine push-ups : are typical pushups on the floor with feet together and hands at shoulder width. Back straight and without lifting the rear.
  • Lunges : Lunges. With hands on hips gives a long step bending your legs until your back knee almost touches the ground. Return to the starting position and repeat changing leg.

In addition to these exercises daily, the Marines do more fun things like obstacle courses, circuits, gears, martial arts, swimming and something called “the crucible” (Crucible) consisting of a test of 54 hours over 77 kilometers wild obstacles with 20 kilos of equipment on his back.

Almost better start with seven.


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