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Diving in Mauritius


The attractive sites are spread all around Mauritius, almost exclusively behind the coral reef. The lagoon is not very interesting for divers, except the marine parks of Blue Bay and Balaclava. It is quite low in animal life due to the damage caused by fishing (formerly dynamite!), Pollution and tourism. the island can be divided into 3 main areas: the southwest (Morne to Flic en Flac) North West (Bay of Islands to North Tomb) and the East (Belle Mare Mah├ębourg). The southern part of the island is not suitable for diving due to a dangerous sea.

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Destination dives Indian Ocean:


Discover the fabulous underwater world


The rent villa mauritius , as well as many other tourist destinations, whether sporting or dedicated to idleness, is one of the preferred destinations for avid divers, fans of underwater discoveries.

The reason is simple: the remaining biodiversity in the lagoons of the island and its surroundings is exceptional, to discover numerous species including beautiful coral, fish, crustaceans and whose colors and behaviors that are as varied strange!

Feel free to discover the coral garden, located off the small seaside town of Peyrebere, to observe searobins, or will photograph the famous lion fish, beautiful angel fish Emperor or the flute.

Also typical Mauritian waters: the stone-fish, stealthy and difficult to detect, known for their ability to camouflage, as well as Java moray south of the island, towards Mahebourg or Blue-Bay, it is possible to fondle despite their large size.

Impossible to summarize, the species are so varied in Mauritius it is best to let you read our various descriptions, summaries, articles and comments before you to enjoy real paradise waters of Mauritius.

In these few pages dedicated to diving in Mauritius and the most suitable hotels in the practice of this sport increasingly widespread across the globe, you will have the opportunity to discover species, sites and all features of your future diving.