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Import cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products


 Perfumes and cosmetics to import currently required to submit a  declaration of responsibility  which replaces the previous license, required until recently.

In TIBA we can provide support for the preparation and presentation of this documentation that allows you to start business with no waiting, and provide  storage enabled cosmetic products  and advice from specialized technicians.

We also have specialized personnel to perform the  safety assessment   of perfume or cosmetic if this is the first time that will be marketed in the European Union and can make on behalf mandatory procedures before the  European Portal Cosmetics  before perfume or cosmetic is sold.

We offer solutions for  imported cosmetics , perfumes and personal care products intended for personal hygiene and care and promotion of the beauty of the body: perfumes, creams, lift x composição, lotions hydration products beauty treatment, makeup, nail, tinctures, products tattoos and  medical devices .

The procedures required to obtain authorization to import and market cosmetic products in Spain are different depending on whether the product is manufactured within the European Union or outside it.

According to Law 10/2013, cosmetic products as defined:

Any substance or preparation intended to be placed in contact with the various external parts of the human body (epidermis, the capital system and hair, nails, lips and external genital organs) or with the teeth and oral mucosa, with the exclusive or principal cleaning them , perfuming them , changing their appearance and / or correcting body odors and / or protecting them or keeping them in good condition “.

Tariff headings cosmetics

Here you have at your disposal a table with the corresponding tariff headings of cosmetic products for the purposes of that can, depending on the origin of the goods, meet the tariff payable on imports at this through the tax office with your digital signature certificate .

Perfumes and colognes 3303
creams 3304
Dentificos 3306
Makeup 3304
tooth whiteners 3306
Dyes and Lacquers 3305
Bronzing 3304
deodorants 3307
respirators 3304
Moisturizers 3304
soaps 3401


personal care products as defined:

Substance or mixtures, regardless of the legal consideration of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics or biocides, are intended to be applied to the skin, teeth or mucous membranes of the human body for the purpose of hygiene or aesthetics, or to neutralize or remove ectoparasites .

tariff items of personal care products

Here are tariff items of personal care products for purposes that can, depending on the origin of the goods, meet the tariff payable on imports at this through the tax office with your digital signature certificate.

dental gum Depending on the product
tattoo inks 3215
Sport massage 3808
Permanent makeup 3215
transdermal patches 3808
cleansing and refreshing towelettes 4818
Floss 3306
Vaseline 2712
insecticides 3808