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The sea has been a leitmotif of infinite stories, and we have seen many of them through novels and film adaptations. During the month of February we will see some of them in our cycle “Mares film” thanks to the collaboration with the online store Movie25 .

The classics have prominence through titles like “Mutiny on the Bounty” ,“wind in the sails” , “The black swan” , “Pirate of the Seven Seas” or “What apair of sea” . Many of them will make us relive stories of pirates, sail the Caribbean and visit destinations like Jamaica or Tahiti.

Please check our calendar of events of February to find out what days you can see them on our Forum traveler .

Marlon Brando-Annex--Mutiny-on-the-Bounty_01-1024x779

“Mutiny on the Bounty” , had 7 Oscar nominations but did not win any since that year the big winner was “Lawrence of Arabia”, even with the spectacular performance of Marlon Brando. As compensation Brando knew which would be his third wife, tarita teriipaia, with whom he had two children.

Wind in velascolor2

“Wind in the sails” is an adaptation of the novel “Hurricane in Jamaica” with which we will sail alongside the children of Thornton. What was to be a trip to England to seek a better future, it is truncated when the ship is attacked by pirates and Captain Chavez (Anthony Quinn) suddenly finds these unexpected passengers.


“The black swan” , another adaptation, in this case the novel of the same name Rafael Sabatini, author of several titles inspired by adventures that take place in the sea. The film, progranizada by Tyrone Power and Maureen O’Hara beautiful, was nominated for three Oscars and won the photography.

Pirate of the Seven Seas

The famous Barbarossa has one of its cinematic moments in “Pirate of the Seven Seas” a low – budget film in which will have to fight against the Spaniards in the Caribbean Sea.

The Cutthroat Island

But the pirates also still present in more recent titles like “The Cutthroat Island”, a blockbuster recorded at several locations in Malta and Phi Phi islands in Thailand. The high costs they incurred in filming complicated the viability of the film starring Geena Davis and plays Morgan Adams, the daughter of a pirate captain.

Sailor Beware

And as the sea gives more of himself than for film pirates, here an example of this with Dean Martin and the legendary Jerry Lewis. “What a pair of sailors”are the adventures and misadventures of a couple of sailors who lose their heads each once they see a skirt. It was one of the highest grossing films in 1952.