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We are experts in sofa cleaners London and upholstery in homes, since 1983 we have gained experience in cleaning all kinds of sofas, we can offer a service with unmatched quality, when we clean the couch at home, not only remove dirt and stains, mites and bacteria also through the combination of our exclusive professional products that do not damage tissues, we assure you that your stay impeccable and regain sofa colors and original appearance.

To make the cleaning of the sofa evaluate the conditions in which the sofa is, as wear, type of tissue, thus we can use the most suitable products and effective to avoid damaging the fabric of the sofa, our professional care of the smallest details, we want to note the difference in  cleaning the sofa .

All sofas have different tissues, so in cleaning king treat each sofa unique way, for example incleaning leather  not enough clean leather must moisturize to prevent skin CUARTE sometimes repair insofar cracks can be produced by the passage of time.

Over time the sofa accumulates in the dust inside and mites to  clean the sofa  all these mites and dust is removed this is very beneficial for people who have allergies, although some models you canwash the sofa cushions  this is not is recommended because we can spoil the sofa, for example to remove them from your foam or filling is possible that we can not get them again as they deform or catch forms other problems is with respect to the colors if we wash machine can discolor our cleaning saves all these problems and also ensures that they are clean.

Cleaning is conducted at home in the most efficient way for the same day can use the sofas, we assure you will not find better company that offers quality and price we offer when it comes to clean your sofa.


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