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The Seven Exercises Marines

marines_sieteIf you want to be fit as the Marines, start the day with these exercises the Cize workout review.

Marines US Army are famous for undergoing hard physical training as a sergeant with cap shouting insults them in the ear. Marines train every day, with stretching, running and long walks with the whole team. But also they make a daily routine called “daily seven”. If you want to train like them you have to do three sets of 15 repetitions of each of these exercises:

  • Jumping jacks : jumps alternating legs apart and arms above his head standing posture with arms close to the body
  • Cherry pickers : open your legs and bend down to touch the floor with your hands three times, each time farther back. Ponte upright and repeat.
  • Bend and thrust : consist of start standing, squatting, put your hands on the floor and jump to stretch the legs to be horizontal. Recover step by step starting position.
  • Mountain climbers : climbers are an exercise in which you put your hands on the floor to do push – ups, but you end up legs alternately until they are in your arms.
  • Trunk twists : turns trunk with hands on hips. First you bend forward, left and right in a big circle with the trunk.
  • Marine push-ups : are typical pushups on the floor with feet together and hands at shoulder width. Back straight and without lifting the rear.
  • Lunges : Lunges. With hands on hips gives a long step bending your legs until your back knee almost touches the ground. Return to the starting position and repeat changing leg.

In addition to these exercises daily, the Marines do more fun things like obstacle courses, circuits, gears, martial arts, swimming and something called “the crucible” (Crucible) consisting of a test of 54 hours over 77 kilometers wild obstacles with 20 kilos of equipment on his back.

Almost better start with seven.